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Recycled bottles - the new standard!

Find out about bottles made out of recycled materials. We make recycled bottles available to all companies, both small and large. Recycled bottles are made of collected plastic packaging that would otherwise have been thrown away or incinerated. We have both HDPE and PET recycled bottles in stock. More information, the latest developments and inspiration can be found on


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Our juice bottles

In order to make your unique juice recognizable, it is of course very important to choose the right packaging. The form and shape of the bottle shows the customer which juice or smoothie they can expect. Be wise and pro-active and match every juice with a different bottle. Our juice bottles come in the following varieties: ‘detox’, ‘fresh’, ‘square’, ‘shot’ and ‘straight’. It all just depends on your preferences! You can also choose our special smoothie pet bottle, the multifunctional empty bottles or the pet water bottle and save lots of euros on juice bottles!
Want to know more? Please do contact us today. We would love to offer you our expertise and are always thinking along with you. You can also purchase juice bottles directly by clicking on the button below.


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Our sauce bottles

The Sauce Square PET bottle is perfect for a delicious summer dressing, Sauce PE for garlic sauce to your own recipe and the Sauce Shot PET for convenient small quantities of sauce or dressings that you can take anywhere. With so many bottles to choose from, whatever you want to package, always has a suitable bottle. The fliptopcap ensures the bottles are easy to use too, and the ‘first use guarantee’ on the outside makes it exceptionally hygienic. Recognisiability can help to shift your products, so we have a number of unusual designs that certainly catch the eye, and allow you to differentiate. Want to know more? Call or e-mail us today for immediate advice and a quote that meets your needs. You can also request a no-obligation sample or proposal., quality packaging at the best price.


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Plastic bottles

For properly storing juices, creams, sauces, and much more, we offer a wide range of plastic bottles. We offer our products to both businesses and consumers. We offer different shapes, colours, and sizes - so we can guarantee the perfect solution for your situation. Along with plastic bottles, we also offer caps, jars, washing balls, and many other items in our range. We sell our products in both large and small quantities; you can also come to us for small purchases.

Empty plastic bottles

At, we offer a wide range of empty plastic bottles. There are plastic bottles for sauces, juice bottles, but we also offer, for example, spray bottles. We offer empty plastic bottles in different materials, colours, shapes, and sizes. Many of our juice bottles, for instance, have an automatic seal, so that they do not spill after being filled and close properly.
Our empty plastic bottles are ideal for companies producing liquid products such as juices,
or for hairdressers in the salon!

Printed plastic bottles

There’s nothing more professional and authentic than a company logo and corporate identity being displayed on the product. That’s why you should go for custom printed plastic bottles. It is completely up to you what kind of print will be on your bottles. Simply contact us via our contact form and let us know what you would like printed directly on the bottles, then we can discuss the possibilities. Printed plastic bottles are available at!

Plastic bottles by volume

We also offer plastic bottles by volume for all kinds of purposes. We offer plastic bottles with capacities of 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, and so on. Not only that, but we also offer larger capacity bottles such as HDPE bottles of 1 - 1.5 L or PET bottles of 1 - 1.5 L.
Furthermore, we have plastic jars of different sizes, from small 8 ml jars to large 5 L jars.
Take a look at our various plastic bottles by volume and discover the possibilities!

Plastic bottle advantages

Purchasing our plastic bottles comes with its many advantages. Our bottles are made of sturdy plastic, which is highly durable. We also offer recycled bottles and closures. For example, we offer recycled HDPE bottles and recycled PET bottles. The more items you order, the more you benefit from high volume discounts. Another advantage of purchasing plastic bottles is that they come in various shapes and sizes. Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry and our own moulding and warehousing, you will benefit from an excellent price to quality ratio.


Plastic bottle shapes

At you will find plastic bottles in all shapes and sizes. We offer a variety of round bottles, but also oval, rectangular, and square shaped bottles. The most suitable bottle for any purpose can be found with us. The square and rectangular bottles have a stable structure and a timeless appearance. These bottles also offer plenty of space for a logo or a custom printed design. The round and oval bottles have a neutral design and can be used for any purpose. You can find plastic bottles of many shapes at!

Coloured bottles

Along with transparent bottles, we also offer a wide variety of coloured bottles. We have cheerful, colourful bottles, but also stylish, brown transparent bottles for cosmetic products, for example. Furthermore, we offer transparent bottles with colourful caps and pumps. There is something for everyone in our range of coloured bottles. We have coloured HDPE bottles and coloured PET bottles. Moreover, our coloured bottles are also available in a recycled variant.

Plastic bottle caps

Along with bottles and jars, we also sell loose plastic bottle lids. We have screw caps, spout caps, and much more! These items can be purchased separately or together with plastic bottles. We also have many other types of closures, such as pumps and pot lids. These caps are all available in various types, colours and sizes. Also, with the plastic bottle caps, you benefit from a volume discount when ordering larger quantities!

Where to buy plastic bottles?

You can buy plastic bottles quickly and affordably at Quality and user-friendliness are essential in what we do. We accept several payment methods and can ship to nearly all of Europe. With our own warehouse and factory, you will benefit from fast delivery and lack of a minimum quantity order requirement. Take a look at our extensive and versatile collection of plastic bottles for every need. For questions or advice, please contact us. We are happy to help you!

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